Illusionist Rahul Kharbanda as Mentalist

Famous Mentalist

  • What if, someone can read your mind ?
  • What if, your selected card in your mind pops out from your own wallet ?
  • What if, you witness a metal bending in front of you with sheer mind power ?
  • What if, your group decides the elimination of various cards from a pack of cards, and the final left over card is your selected card ?
  • What if, a vanished object appears from an envelope that you selected out of a bunch ?>
  • What if, someone can control your mind moves ?

Best Mentalist in India

Besides other Magic forms, Illusionist Rahul Kharbanda's repertoire includes exciting Mentalism.

His Mentalist Tag is very different from the other hard core Mentalists. Unlike other Mentalist's show, wherein the atmosphere goes tense & the performer claims that he has psychic powers through which he can read your mind.

Illusionist Rahul Kharbanda's MENTALISM Show is not a reflection of a famous western Mentalist whom others are copying blindly, but a unique style, presentation & a mix of illusions, comic, Digital acts, extreme Mind reading, hypnotism & thorough entertainment.

Witness the above impossibilities in Illusionist Rahul Kharbanda's show....

--- One show many experiences ---

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