Magician Rahul Kharbanda



Magician Rahul Kharbanda, Convenor - INDIAN BROTHERHOOD OF MAGICIANS has performed more than 1000 shows in schools and over 2000 shows for corporates and Multi National companies, in just a span of 10 years.

Magician Rahul Kharbanda is a well known Magician in India, also has a Magic Shop in Delhi & an Online Magic Shop wherein you can buy some extraordinary Magic Illusions. Go ahead and perform a perfect Indian Magic Show.An MBA in International Business, Magician Rahul has worked and contributed lot for the India 's oldest Society of Indian Magicians - Indian Brotherhood of Magicians. His father and mentor - Magician Ashok Kharbanda taught him Magic & Rahul has achieved success at the age of 25.

He has performed twice in the International Festival of Magicians in France & bagged much appreciation.

According to Magician Rahul, he has learned and devoted quality time to learn smallest tricks and history of Magic. What is Magic? Art which gives you thrills, astonish you and surprise you is MAGIC ! Magic is performing art, which have been entertaining people since ages. This Art was first performed in Darbar of Maharajas and slowly takes the shape of entertainment for public.

Earlier, the popular tricks like Rope dancing in air like snake, Houdini Box (in which magician ties himself with chains and the box was made to push inside river/lake, in just fraction of seconds magician frees himself and reappear from lake. Very few magicians from present time know this trick.

Magician Rahul Kharbanda has many students learning magic from him. His specialization is street Magic, wherein no special props or preparations are required. He just moves in markets, malls and shopping arcades to amaze people with his amazing presentation of tricks. He displayed this art in his very popular Television Based Game show - JO JEETA VOHI SIKANDAR, which was aired on Doordarshan National Channel every Sunday.

Recently, he has made a mark in Indian Magic through his Explosive performances in Star One's INDIAs MAGIC STAR.

AWARDS RECEIVED by the Brothers

  • JADU SHIROMANI AWARD in september 2011
  • Media Excellency Award in 2011
  • Media Excellency Award in 2009
  • Jadu Ratan Award 2008
  • Jadujaal Award in Malda (W.B)
  • Appreciation Award in (W.B)Haldia's famous 3 day non stop Festival
  • Award by Sawaree Club
  • Appreciation Award by MCD
  • Award by MERI DILLI CLUB
  • Appreciation Award by SBI for driving Motorcycle blindfolded
  • Appreciation Award by ITPO

Magician Sumit Kharbanda being the secretary of India 's biggest Society of Magicians- the Indian Brotherhood of Magicians (Regd.) has over 500 Magician members all over India & rest of the world. He has successfully supervised & managed events requiring up to 30 Magicians at one place in a single day.

Under the able guidence of his father - Magician Ashok Kharbanda, he has explored new areas of presentations in Magic & has come up with some very extraordinary Stage Illusions.

Besides performing Magic, Sumit is well appreciated by event companies in hosting fun filled Games for Children and Adults. He is often called as the One man Show.
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